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Field Camp

Field camp is a 400 (junior-senior)-level field course where students take what they've learned in the classroom and apply it in real geologic settings like Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and more.

Our field camp lasts six week during the summer session, generally May through June.

Starting in 2019, we encourage applications from students across all the US and students from both UL Lafayette and other universities can participate.

Admission into GEOL 400 is granted by the Field Camp Director based largely upon the applicant's academic record up to and including current enrollment and the date of application. Generally one credit hour is granted for each week of field camp, with a total of 6 credits earned during the Summer.

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The UL Lafayette Geology Field Camp is supported by the Paul C. McWilliams and Patrick T. McWilliams Endowment for the Study of Geology.