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Costigan et al. Awarded New REU Site

Led by Dr. Katie Costigan (School of Geosciences), an interdisciplinary team consisting of ICaWR faculty members, UL Office of Sustainability, Bayou Vermilion District, Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District, and the T.E.C.H.E. Project has been awarded a new Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site by the National Science Foundation.

This program will support 10 undergraduate students for 8 weeks each summer over the next 3 years to participate in an intensive learning and research program to study watershed and coastal processes and resources within the southern Louisiana environments. This program will support students both within and outside of UL, with attention to underrepresented groups. “This grant also has opportunities for students to be invited back to participate for multiple years in a row” said Costigan.

Students participating in this program will work with UL faculty mentors to expand understanding of watershed and estuarine resources in urban- and agriculturally-influenced systems. Students will receive life-changing experiences by conducting research, visiting field research stations, writing, and presenting at a student symposium. All of which will prepare students for future graduate school endeavors and careers in science.