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Special Issue of "International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health"

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Dr Paltseva is guest editor of a Special Issue of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health titled Environmental Signaling & Human Health

This Special Issue of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) focuses on the current state of knowledge on the links between environmental signals and human health.

New research papers, reviews, case reports and conference  papers are welcome to this issue. Papers dealing with new advanced approaches and smart technologies to monitor, model, and assess environmental consequences and risks in cities and towns for health prevention purposes or risk assessment and management are also welcome. Other manuscript types accepted include methodological papers, position papers, brief reports, and commentaries. We will accept manuscripts from all disciplines including exposure assessment science, epidemiology, intervention studies, risk and health impact assessment, soil risk management and mitigation strategies.

Message from the Editor-in-Chief:

Addressing the environmental and public health challenges requires engagement and collaboration among clinicians and public health researchers. Discovery and advances in this research field play a critical role in providing a scientific basis for decision-making toward control and prevention of human diseases, especially the illnesses that are induced from environmental exposure to health hazards. IJERPH provides a forum for discussion of discoveries and knowledge in these multidisciplinary fields. Please consider publishing your research in this high quality, peer-reviewed, open access journal.