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Marine Sediment Sampling Principal Investigator Training



Time lapse of a 3-hours-long retrieval of a 60 ft -long jumbo piston core (credit: Dr. A. Burkett, Ok. State)



Dr. Davide Oppo returned from a 3-weeks-long offshore training supported by the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Oppo and 23 other Principal Investigators (PIs) from universities around the US participated in the Marine Sediment Sampling Principal Investigator Training.
This advanced training aimed to provide PIs from the different branches of the geosciences an in-depth knowledge about retrieving marine sediment samples utilizing the US Academic Research Fleet.

One week of classes has been followed by 10 days along the Cascadia Margin, offshore Oregon, aboard the RV Roger Revelle. The PIs practiced how to collect and process sediment samples from the bottom of the ocean using a wide array of instruments. You can read a daily blog about the cruise at this link

Dr. Oppo planning the sampling of a gas hydrates mound aboard the RV Revelle

The training will be fundamental to support Dr. Oppo's future research activities, including extensive research cruises along the US margins.