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Master's in Environmental Resource Science Courses

The Master of Science degree program in Environmental Resource Science prepares highly-trained environmental scientists to address challenges related to the critical environmental resources of water and soil. In this program, students learn about the interactions between water and soil resources within a biophysical system. The program focuses on the principles and practices of investigating and characterizing water and soil resources as well as those employed for their successful management and remediation. Considerable emphasis is dedicated to preparing students to identify and use state-of-the-art environmental methods and technologies in these areas.

Admission and Prerequisites

In addition to the general admission requirements of the Graduate School, admission to the M.S. program in Environmental Resource Science requires:

  • a Bachelor’s degree in a related scientific or engineering field
  • completion of nine credit hours of general science requirements (or their equivalents)

Substitutions for the general science requirements may be considered on a case-by-case basis by the program; approval of substitutions must be conveyed by the Graduate Coordinator to the Dean of the Graduate School at the time of application review by the department.

Degree Requirements

To earn the M.S. degree in Environmental Resource Science, students must complete the 35-hour curriculum, with thesis and non-thesis tracks. For a list of the required courses, see the University catalog at this link.