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Master's in Environmental Resource Science Requirements

To be considered for admission to the MS in Environmental Resource program, you will need to meet the admission requirements set by the Graduate School as well as program-specific requirements.

See the full list of Graduate School admission requirements on the UL Lafayette Graduate School website.

To be admitted to the MS in Environmental Resource Science program, you must also have a bachelor’s degree in a related scientific or engineering field from an accredited university. The M.S. program in Environmental Science has been approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents to begin in Fall 2017 pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

You are also required to submit your satisfactory scores on the GRE.

You will also need to have completed the following general science UL Lafayette courses or their equivalents at another university:

  • Geology courses:
    • GEOL 105 Geology and Man and GEOL 107 Geology and Man Laboratory
    • OR
    • GEOL 111 Physical Geology
  • Chemistry courses:
    • CHEM 107 General Chemistry I
    • CHEM 115 General Chemistry Lab
  • Biology courses:
    • BIOL 110 Fundamentals of Biology I
    • BIOL 112 Fundamentals of Biology I Lab,
  • Physics courses:
    • PHYS 207 Introduction to Physics I
    • PHYS 215 Physics Laboratory I
  • Math courses:
    • MATH 109 Pre-Calculus Algebra
    • MATH 110 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry and Function Theory
    • OR
    • MATH 250 Survey of Calculus

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